Saving Trees: After the Storm

Not all trees have to be removed when it is hit by a pretty strong storm. If you don’t want your storm damaged tree removed totally you can have a professional look and assess the damages. If you don’t know anyone you can search in the web tree surgeon near me. There should be results that would interest you. Be careful on hiring professional though because there aren’t many who knows how to take care of trees damage by storms.   

Saving Trees

Here are some ideas for trees to recover from a storm.  

  • Check the trees branches for any cracks. If there are any cut the damage part of the tree but only up to the next healthy undamaged branch. Unnecessarily cutting a tree will not help it grow healthy again as it will lose all the energy it needs to recover.
  • Make sure the cuts are smooth and not jagged. Also do not cut all the way to base of the branch where it attaches to the tree. Jagged cuts will take longer to heal for trees and if you cut all the way to the branch base it will be difficult to heal that particular branch.  
  • If a small tree is leaned on the wrong side then you can straighten it with a stake. A supporting stick until the tree is strong enough again.  
  • When you cut, remove branches that are hanging don’t prune the healthy woods or the branch the tree will need the energy from these branches to grow strong again. This is very important as cutting the healthy parts would just aggravate the situation.  
  • Make sure to water your trees and plants with plenty this is to flush out the salt water in the soil.  

One storm can’t kill a tree, trees are more sturdy and if given enough time they can even adapt on the nature of their environment. But taking care of the trees in your property is to also help your property to grow even stronger. It is also to help and avoid dangerous situations like trees damaging your property or other parts of your properties. So, take the time to call a professional to help you restore the health of your tree.  

However, there are times that a tree can’t be save after a storm. When trees are basically a danger risk it might be better to have it removed. An example of trees that can’t be save is when it is dangerously at risk of falling over, touching power lines. If the large tree is dangerously leaning over towards your house, your walkway or other areas where traffic is abundant. You’ll have to call the professional to take it down.   

Trees are important part of human life as they give us oxygen an essential component of the air we breath. That is why if we could save the trees we should go all out. If the tree cannot be saved then maybe you can plant a tree in a safer place in the planting season.    


What a Home Handyman Can Do for You

In an average homeowner, a handyman can be a great help. They are basically capable of handling multiple tasks and to take care of several items in the same visit if you ask them. Once you find a reliable palm beach handyman, it’s reassuring in a way that there is a handyman you can always contact if something comes up like faucet repairs and all sorts. But is the other role a handyman can play in your home? 

The services offered by a handyman and contractor overlaps in some way but there are also distinct differences as well. Contractors typically specialize in an area in home construction and repair while handyman is often generalist, being skilled in small but many tasks in maintenance and home improvement. They don’t need a license but can be legal to some degree of projects under a particular dollar amount, although it is necessary to hire someone who is insured not only for their protection but also for you. The cost to hire a handyman could be per job or an hourly rate but will almost lower than the charge of a contractor.  

Some list of task you might want your handyman to do   

Every household has a list of chores to be done at home but if you don’t have the time to tackle it yourself, hire a handyman to do it for you.    

Check this list of typical tasks you might want your handyman to do. 

  • Cleaning up indoors and out, this includes pressure washing and mold removal 
  • Trash and junk removal 
  • Seasonal or all year-round maintenance 
  • Lawn and garden maintenance and landscaping 
  • Appliance repair and installation 
  • Insulation of HVAC system 
  • Waterproofing of basement 
  • Painting and paint removal 
  • Plastering, Patching and drywall 
  • Grouting and caulking 
  • Hanging curtains, artworks and blinds 
  • Wainscoting, molding and other carpentry work 
  • Minor electrical work such as installation of ceiling fan and lighting 
  • Install bathroom fixture and Plumbing repairs 
  • Construction of hardscape features such as fences and decks 
  • Miscellaneous small household repair 
  • Window repair, installation and cleaning 
  • Flooring installation and repair 
  • Gutter cleaning and repair 
  • Pest control   

Before hiring a handyman, make sure that he is willing and ready and capable to do the type of work you want. Pinpoint the nature of the repairs to be done and try to clarify the things you like him to finish. Use the most out of his hours that he must work for you.  

Provide a written list, it can be a time saver meaning he can do more jobs in the given hours and also saves you money. Always remember that handyman service is often billed by hour and there is a minimum charge often includes a travel fee. It means that it is cheaper if you hire one handyman service for longer period than to hire two for lesser hours of service.   

Always ask for an estimate and in case of bigger jobs, sign a contract and lastly, check the fine print for there are some works that require a building permit.